Rapid postharvest browning of litchi fruit pericarp is the result of polyphenol oxidase activity (Underhill and Critchley, , Jiang and Fu, , Jiang, , . Pericarp browning is the major post-harvest problem of litchi (Litchi chinensisSonn) fruit, resulting in reduced commercial value of the fruit. Mature lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) fruit were heat-treated at 60C for 10 min to study heat-induced pericarp browning. Polyphenol oxidase (EC ).

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Polyphenol oxidase activity PPO activity was assayed with 4-methylcatechol as a substrate according to the method of Zauberman et al. Litchi Litchi chinensis Sonn.

However, after second days of storage browning index in SO 2 fumigation was significantly higher than 0. Effect of pre and post harvest acid dipping on browning of lychee fruits. Enhanced effect of Lcysteine and citric acid combination on browning inhibition and quality maintenance in harvested litchi fruit.

Waxing, litcchi and polyethylene packaging on the shelf-life and juice quality of passion fruit during storage. It is also evident that commercial SO 2 -fumigation intensified micro-cracking of the fruit pericarp Sivakumar browninh al. Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, G.

Browning index Appearance was accessed visually by measuring the extent lifchi the total browned area on each fruit pericarp using fruits during shelf life evaluation, on the following scale: Effect of post harvest treatments on shelf life and quality of litchi fruit stored under modified atmosphere at low temperature.


Effect on relative leakage rate, polyphenol oxidase activity and anthocyanin content In this experiment, anthocyanin content of litchi fruit pericarp decreased with storage time Fig.

The extent of post harvest browning and decay, limits its profits. Prior to application of treatments fruits were precooled followed by air dried.

lltchi Effect of KMS treatment and storage on the quality of dried tomato halves. The changes of pigments, phenolic contents and activities of polyphenol oxidase and phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in pericarp of post-harvest litchi fruits.

Please review our pericsrp policy. The supernatant was collected for analysis of TSS using a hand refractometer and titratable acidity as percentage citric acid determined by titration with 0. General introduction and fruits.

Control of post-harvest pericarp browning of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn)

Role of salicylic acid in plants. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. On the other hand, salicylic acid C 7 H 6 O 3the active ingredient pericaro aspirin, has been reported pericrap regulate a number of processes in plants.

Effect on total soluble solid, titratable acidity, ascorbic acid content, TSS: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. However, SO 2 -fumigation has certain demerits concerned with residual toxicity and taste of the fruits Sivakumar et al. The polyphenol oxidase activity can be decreased by the use of N -acetyl cysteine ACisoascorbic acid IAA than commonly used antioxidants like citric acid and glutathione or its combinations Lei et al.


However, literature on anti-browning property of salicylic acid in fruits is meagre. Wiley Eastern Peericarp Relative leakage rate Membrane permeability expressed as relative electrolyte leakage, was determined by Jiang and Chen However, there was no significant difference obtained between 0. Biochemical Methods for Agricultural Sciences.

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Asia Publication House; Handbook of analysis and quality control of fruit and vegetable products. Effect bfowning antioxidants and salicylic acid on browning index, decay percentage, PPO activity, relative leakage rate and anthocyanin conc. Recently, several compounds were used to manage this problem like isoascorbic acid, N -acetyl cystein and salicylic acid in other fruit crops. Support Center Support Center. Inhibition of ethylene biosynthesis by salicylic acid.

Pericarp browning is the major post-harvest problem of litchi Litchi chinensis Sonn fruit, resulting in reduced commercial value of the fruit. In this experiment salicylic acid had effectively reduced the browning effect, suggesting that slow rate of poly phenol oxidase activity.