Berio: Sequenza V (for trombone) [Luciano Berio] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Publisher ID: UE Instrumentation: Trombone. Grock. And the Berio Sequenza V. This page includes: Grock’s biography. Luciano Berio’s comments about Grock and Sequenza V. Abbie Conant’s comments. In this paper, Luciano Berio’s Sequenza V for solo trombone is analyzed along the lines of four analytical dimensions proposed by the composer himself in an.

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Clowns explore the worlds of extreme dualities, and in their greatest moments, capture both in a single instant. He lifts up his oversize professor coat as if it were a pinafore to show his ankles.

Luciano Berio – Sequenza V Solo Trombone

More delay before the grand performance with violin and piano. Deutsche Grammophon The orchestra jumps in so quickly that Grock misses the entrance for his song. Grock removes his top hat and sets it on the grand piano forgetting that the lid is fully open. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. Sequenza V for trombone can be considered as an essay in the superimposition of musical gestures and actions: In its highest manifestations, music sometimes goes beyond mere sound, to profound symbolic representations of human identity.


The piece is an homage to the famous clown Grock, a neighbor of the Berio family when Luciano was growing up. Sequenza V Year of composition: These ironic dualities allow great art to oscillate and resonate with endless symbolic meanings.

Simple, elegant and utterly virtuosic. Sequenza V is a composition for solo trombone by Luciano Beriopart of his series of pieces seqeunza this title. Can you capture it in all of your music-making?

Sequenza V, for trombone

One aspect of virtuosity ties in with Berio’s innate love of the theater. A similar effect can be created with music.

Sound is simply the medium through which it is transmitted. If properly done, even a gesture of the arm or hand can create a kind of soundless music. The f stares his disapproval as Grock self-consciously tries to find a place to hide his hands.

In Sequenza V for seqhenza solo, the memory of Grock, the last big clown, peeps out. He futilely tries to improve his appearance by sharpening the crease on his trousers.

Sequenza V, for trombone | Details | AllMusic

In addition, the trombonist mimes and must at one point turn to the audience and ask, “Why? He is a fool but wise at the same time, simultaneously happy and sad. Streams Videos All Posts. On the contrary, the piece turns inward, almost anguished at this point.

Posture, walk, the big build up to the paltry showing, facial expression and and and…? Compositions by Luciano Berio Compositions for trombone compositions Serial compositions. Is there not a fool in all great artists, including musicians?


As a child of 11, the composer saw the clown perform and in the middle of his routine, Grock stopped, turned to the audience, and asked “warum? After playing a short intro Grock sees the hat and retrieves it by getting up on the piano and following its path down the slide. Then he exits with his characteristic clown dance and a smile. The musician must consider how the perfect timing and form of a phrase and piece is shaped.

The Spanish clown dismisses him and starts to play. Always on the third repetition there is radical change that is the punch-line.

In other words, he must perform two functions simultaneously: His movements virtuosically ape virtuosity. References [ edit ] Berio, Luciano.

With my school fellows I used to climb over his garden’s gates to steal oranges and tangarines. Many times, with my schoolmates, I climbed a high iron fence to steal oranges and tangerines from his garden.