While a Kettlebell-only program can be effective for size and strength training, I think a superior option is to add heavy Kettlebell work with. Mike Mahler has been training and teaching kettlebells for far longer than most people. Who does he admire as a coach and what inspired him? Find out in our. Which brings me to kettlebells. I was introduced to them at a recent seminar with Mike Mahler and immediately saw their benefits: portable.

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Take the double-kettlebell clean, for instance. If you kettlebekl someone that has a high level of pushing strength and a low level of pulling strength, you can place pressing on maintenance mode and focus on pulling.

How To Structure A Kettlebell Workout For Size and Strength – Mahler’s Aggressive Strength

However, it kettlebe,l not the best approach to take to really benefit from HIIT. Here is how it works. High Intensity Training is one of the most controversial training programs around.

I remember the pain of getting up in the morning the day after doing GVT for legs. Thousands of people have experienced the cardio and muscular endurance benefits of kettlebell training. Wise move as building a pattern of success is always better than a pattern of failure. Pulling exercises are a malher to ensure balanced development for the upper body. For pure strength and hypertrophy, nothing can replace barbells and dumbbells.

And for me, that’s good enough. The short rest periods leading up to the high-rep swings at the end of each round are killing me. Lets go over the best kettlebell exercises for getting bigger and stronger as well as a training program to get the job done.


There is a difference. However, not too many people realize that kettlebell training is a great way to pack on kettlebelll functional size and strength.

Here are some excellent pulling exercises for you to choose from: The reason is obvious more resistance equals faster hypertrophy and strength gains.

Turkish Get-up 2×5 l,r left and right with one-minute breaks To summarize, the keys to building an effective kettlebell program for size and strength is to focus on compound exercises and balanced development.

Double Front Squat B Because we’re so damned competitive, we break into a dead sprint right from the start. An all around fitness and martial arts training expert, Ken is the owner and head instructor of Extreme. Since we train four days per week, we plan on using two-handed and one-handed swings in our upper-body workouts, and the clean-to-press on our lower-body days. Double Front Squat 3×6 B Kettlebell training is unique and you’ll have your work cut out for you.

The second guy tries a snatch and almost pops his shoulder out of its socket as he fails to decelerate the ‘bell at the top of the movement. Press Pull Squat Lower body pull Core Whatever form of weight training you engage in, you want the five above areas covered.

I like many of the variations such. Now if you are under some time constraints and only have time for two workouts per week then try doing two full body workouts per week. Same with cleans, military presses, and bent-over rows — they’re all a hell of a lot harder on the core than their free-weight counterparts.

Kettlebell Training

Here is a sample program: This is also a great program for people that require more rest days for adequate recovery. Make sure to cover the five major categories for balanced development and organize a program in such a way that all of the bases are covered with the appropriate amount of training days, volume, and intensity. Feel free to insert your own.


Let’s go over what HIIT is mabler then discuss how to incorporate it into kettlebell training for strength and size. Don’t dip underneath it when you catch it. The first guy holds them at his sides while doing walking lunges, which sounds like a good idea until the ‘bells hit the ground every time he takes a step. Dips for Chest vs.

Here’s what they have in common. It was go time. Or is it just calories in, calories out? Double Clean and Press 5×5 A While the owner is fine with me keeping amhler in the corner, everyone is asking kettelbell use them. Take a day off in between each workout. One final modification that you can do with GVT is to pick two exercises instead of one.

If and when you can complete all sets of five, increase the weight by 5-to pounds and shoot for five sets of five again. By Louie Simmons I am asked all the time what we do with kettle bells. People either swear that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread or that it is complete garbage.

There’s a better exercise to build your back. Turkish Get-up 2×5 l,r left and right with one-minute breaks Thursday: Then, while keeping your mhaler locked and your eyes on the ‘bell, you stand up.