C – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Changes since 27th September Added link to online C manual (in PDF format) at Mamiya USA in section Updated information on Front Element. Mamiya Cf Professional Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mamiya Cf Professional Accessories Manual.

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Focus knob lock, textured leatherette finish. A cold flash shoe is fitted. This may also indicate an improperly latched back.

Changing screens Remove the finder, and rack the bellows out a short distance. Since exposures are going to be at least 1 second, this poses no trouble in practice. We also have the problem that any lenses that were re-shuttered during repair could have the manul click-stop type installed, thus invalidating that as a guide to the age of the code.

There is around milliseconds mamuya between releasing the shutter and closing the flash contacts and the shutter opening on the ‘M’ setting.

Updated information on the Mamiyaflex-PF in section 1. Early versions were manufactured by Nippon Kogaku Nikonthough whether this was a sub-contract or third-party product is unclear. The eyepiece is offset to the left, and the finder overhangs the left side of the camera considerably. Sportsfinder mask apertures, to the nearest half-millimetre by measurement mm lens mm lens mm lens mm lens 37mm The 55mm, 80mm S, mm DS, and mm Super are the most likely candidates, as these were later or more extreme designs.


Telephoto design, which is more complex than the earlier model. Matte Entirely matted with Fresnel lens. A suggestion made to me recently was to use twisted or plaited black cotton. The rod mounting at the front of the camera has a removable read: At maximum extension you get the pinhole approximately mm from the film; making the mm sportsfinder mask suitable.

It does not appear to have been made for the export market. An extensive benchmark of all Mamiya C lenses with lots of user comments, and a description of their optical formula. Updated information on Front Element exchanges in section Price and availability A lot of these cameras sat in cellars which attacked the leatherette and sometimes caused fungus inside the lenses.

See On-line Sources, Section Do not adjust your links Examples of the two-letter code stickers found on lenses and inside film chambers are c330c. Comments concerning this site may be addressed to the author, at G. This is contrary to modern practice, and some guns may not fit without modification.

Mamiya C330

Values given are the field in front or behind the plane of focus. Contents With the wide selection of all these interchangeable lenses and accessories, you can further widen your scope On the C3 and similar bodies, there is a chrome sliding knob the ‘catch lock’ on the upper left side which must be slid towards the lens.


Page 23 Changing the Focusing Hood 23 The focusing hood can be replaced with various finders available for Near limit Ft 30 15 10 4.

A sportsfinder mask fitted with a slight wide-angle lens was available to convert the 80mm aperture of early WLFs to use the 65mm lens. Some, but certainly not all, black lenses have optical multi-coatings. In order to wind off the film without going through a further 6 blank frames, the shutter release is held down on the first extra frame while the film is wound off.

Should highly infra-red sensitive emulsions become available see belowthen experimentation with each lens mamiay be advisable.

Mamiya Cf Professional Manuals

Scale on left side of bellows. There are two variants of this ,anual. The light trapping lies along the edges of the back. Mamiya TLR Summary 29 5.

This means that the scale on the C and earlier bodies is incorrect for the later lenses. Some early Seikosha-S shutter lenses have the focal length in centimetres.